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Saturday, 17 January 2009

italy part 3

we've been in italy for about 5 days now,we've covered 4 cities,n rite now i'm in our 5th destination...which is ROME...yay!!!for the past 5 days,we visited milan,venice,florence and pisa...btw,the cities' name are different than their real name in Italiano,so it's a bit confusing to all of us...for instance,we confused Vicenza and Venezia for Venice*...luckily we asked the info,if not we'll be not able to reach Venice...the first moment we set our eyes on Venice is in front of Santa Lucia Train Station...there's a grand canal(which i didnt remember the name),it was about 9pm,and it was was stunning scenery,we all fell in love with the place...and thanx to the management of the hotel that we booked,they tried their best to give hospitality to us,as their reception closed early,n we arrived later than that...Ai Due Leoncini Hotel,the place that we stayed in...actually we booked for the hostel next door to the hotel(it's not exactly a hotel,but it's very comfy and looks very antique,Venetian-like room(hentam je ni,agak2 la)...) at first we were all scared alredi that we had to be homeless(haha), n started to panic,but then with the help of Penghulu's sharp eyes(haha,this is a compliment ok Mr Sunshine), he spotted a note that the mngmnt left for us,sticked on the door glass...that moment,we all felt like VIPs habis la...:-p
ok,enuf with the hostel...that night we spent several hours enjoying the late night in Venezia, like alwiz--->cam-whoring,haha...
the next day,we spent our morning walking around the city,then by the afternoon,we decided to take a supposed-to-be-romantic ride on gondola...haha,for sure it wasnt romantic for us,haha...we negotitated with the ''pembawa gondola'' n managed to get free for one person,so instead of 20 euro per person,we only paid about 16euro each...yay for us!!!
to be continued.....

* Milano=Milan ; Venezia=Venice ; Firenze=Florence ; Pisa=Pisa ; Roma=Rome ; Napoli
=Naples ---->note that all the Italiano cities' names end with a vowel(wink3,thnx to Tiha for noticing this fact,haha)


husna said...

kami p venice dlu bajet bleh tdoq kat stesen ktapi tu tp bila larut mlm sket,dah kami bersedia nk tdoq,ada polis mai halau plak..dlm kul 12/1/2 pagi(+ kami hanya 4 org pompuan..hoho) camtu kelamkabut la cari mana2 tempat nk nginap..dh la sejuk gila berkabus nk mampus..alhamdullillah dpt jgk bilik..hahaha..kenangan2~~

-sempat ek berblog walau tengh berjalan2..hebat2-

raihan said...

salam...waduh husna,sadis giler citer korang...orang venice baik2,plus rs cam slmt je jln mmalam kat sana...alhamdulillah sume selamat ye...

~rs mcm nak menulis ttiap ari,tp penat seh bjln,kaki n badan pun dah sengal2~