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Saturday, 13 June 2009



ever heard of haiku?

me neither,until tonight

hoho,i was a fan of mousehunt(an application on facebook)...the MHcommunity is great,and they seldom throw a competition.

so,the task of 1 of the competition is to write a haiku

so lets see what actually is a haiku...

a haiku is actually a form of japanese poem.

it is written in 3 unrhymmed lines...the first line should have 5 syllables,the 2nd -7 and the 3rd- 5 again...the total will be 17 syllables in 1 haiku...

so,lets see what i wrote (my 1st attempt of writing haiku)

kind is when u care
place ha-tred no-where in heart
hap-pi-ness is yours

i actually put LOVe instead of kind at first,but bcoz the theme for the competition is kindness,so i change to kind...:-p
i know it's kinda weird,the arrangement and all,but hey,this is my 1st one..

haha,but it's not getting any better,i guess i'm just not a good writer,no talent in writing wat -so-ever form of poetry,nor articles.

lets check my 2nd attempt

when one has trou-ble
and peo-ple help him through it
that is true kind-ness

so direct to the point...hahaha

the 3rd 1

be kind to o-thers
show the world your true co-lor
bet-ter place world is

lol,u can have all the laugh u want while reading them...i dun mind,i know how bad it is...:-p

p/s:want more info--->check out wikipedia here