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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

do u notice any similarities??hihi

ok, i was on yahoo main page n saw a really familiar photo(wic actually is a pygmy tarsier,never heard b4?me too),n it really reminded me to a very popular russian cartoon character...---->cheburashka (Чебурашка) then i was thinking, wat exactly is cheburashka?is it based on real animal,or is it juz a result of some1's creative idea?so,then i made some research(uhuks,xdak keja,juz to fulfill my curiosity... ok,i don think i need to write this again,haha,so feel free to go to wikipedia page ...:-p
n to answer the question i've been asking to myself, Чебурашка means 'tumble', and i dunno based on which animal it was invented,but the name came from the owner of a puzzle came out unexpectedly when d toy tumbled down from a table...well,quite interesting history there,hihi...

and now,abut pygmy's actually a very rare tiny creature dat lives in Sulawesi forest,and no1 has ever see it for 80years...mungkin sdg pupus,atau xdapat mngekalkan kemandirian spesies,huhu,xtau la...for more info

ok,i've watched this video...i dunno if it is d video yg xfunny or is it me yg xbole nak gelak, but i'm quite sure sbnrnya agak bole thn la cartoon tu,huhu...

and this song,i find it quite entertaining...agak mnyntuh hati,d frenship bwn gena n cheburashka...:-p

haha,this 1 is actually a birthday song...:-p how i wished u had wished me hepi besday...:-( it's ok...