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Sunday, 8 March 2009

go2 sauhatunnisa'

salam wbt...

uhuk3,serak suara berlatih nasyid...:-))), tp syonok...wink~ ni utk sambutan hri wanita kat embassy esok, semoga semuanya bjalan lancar, ameen...sapa2 nak dgr husna n d geng nyanyi(pompuan je k...)jom,beramai2 meriahkan embassy...ada makan2 jugak(antara main event ni,hihi)

ok, td duk berlatih2 nasyid tu,smpt lagi mata mengusha kat laptop tiha, berita dkt yahoo page tu. this is one that caught my eyes la...klik here i dunno y, but every news related to russia is something to here it's about a 'reset' button,given by USA to RUSSIA. on the button,there are signs of reset(both in russian n english). the funny thing is, that the Americans mispell the 'перезагрузка' (baca:perzagruzka = reset) as 'перегрузка' (baca: peregruzka = overload). this is viewed as a symbolic mistake, as the russia-usa relationship is so not in good term these few years.
ok, i think this is really funny n such a shame to a big country,like usa, when most ppl around d world look high to them, n even there r massive amount of russian immigrant there, but they cant find some1 to translate that particular 1 word correctly...n give the others chances to tease them and make it a joke. owh, i think they r alredi used to that. hmmm...pikir2kan lah...


amnah said...

soutun nisa' la raihan oi..

raihan said...

hihi....ooopppssss....sori...bljr arab x abes dl...:-)))

irshadian said...

kelakar la raihan, amal yg bljar bat pon tak tau, apa maknanya hehe