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Friday, 15 May 2009

my 1-week story


1. i failed miserably in my attempt to dieting (as hazreen put it that way) from facebook. it only lasted for about 3 days, quek3...huhu [good luck to those who still in FB-diet]

2. i find it hard to stay istiqamah with watever i'm doing...i.e:dieting,exercising,maintaining my level of 'rajin'ness,etc,etc

3. i had a blast weekend laswik, having fun in BBQ in the park in embassy, then having lil picnic in Tsaritsino Park with my batch's Puella girls and 6th year Kiera girls. awesome (i'll find pictures later if i'm in mood)

4. but as a consequences from those events, i ended up eating to the maximum extend,haha...shame on me

5. and then, we had 1-day holiday on monday due to Den Pobedi (Victory Day) is celebrated on 9th May every year.

6. i had (and still have) this intense, unbearable pain in my mouth that radiates to my ear and head. Thanx to my wisdom tooth

7. I took pain killer (ibuprofen) to kill the pain. Sadly, i'm allergic to that substance--->see picture to see what it did to me. :-( ~sigh i just have to be extra careful next time when choosing my own drugs...:-)))

8. it took 3 days for the periorbital edema to go away, then today i went to see a dentist, unfortunately it is still painful, but has decresed in its intensity :-)

9. some1 got a nephew yesterday...yay!!congratzzz and congratz to amil gak, Puchewee sangat like it... :-)))

10. i ate outside a lot this week. but i managed to bake this muffin/cupcakes for my stomach pleasure :-))) resepi bodoh2,tuang masuk semua bnda je-->nasib baik xkeras kedekung...hihi

11. n just now i tried blending strawberry and pineapple...the result was yummy-licious pineberry punch...:-))) haha

p/s: thanx tiha tmnkn p jmpk doktor td...muahhxxx!!! :-P


irshadian said...

sabaq la mek an, transformation muka lain bebenor, cepat la balik penang..kita plan lawat zuhdi nanti

raihan said...

hihi...nak buat mcm mana,sabaq ja,dugaan tu...:-))

insyaAllah...ampa p x reunion depa duk plan tu?km kena tgk tarikh dl mcm mn kot...

NaimReformist said...

siannya kat raihan..he oedeme satu muka..he =P allergy mefenamic acid